Gbewaa College Of Education At A Glance


Gbewaa Training College now Gbewaa College of Education Pusiga, was established by the Government of the Gold Coast in 1953. Pusiga was then a German Territory and when Germany was defeated in the First World War in 1918, the territories were shared amongst the allied forces. Pusiga was part of the trust territories (Trans Volta Togoland) and was handed over to the British. Pusiga then became part of the Northern Territory.

Very little had been done in terms of Education in North generally. The only middle school was at Tamale and Bawku had the Winamzua Primary School as the only school in the area.

When Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah became Head of Government Business in 1951, there was the need to let members of the Trust Territory feel convinced to be part of the Gold Coast that was agitating for independence from the colonial Government. Hence the establishment of Pusiga Training College, as a monument in the protectorate to provide training for teachers to take charge of the Basic schools that were springing up.

The Foundation stone of the College was laid by Hon. Kojo Botsio, Minister of Education and Social Welfare on the 29th July, 1953. At that time the Pusiga Chief was Atubiga Aguri and his skin name was “Naaba Asuguru”. He and his elders gave the land for the establishment of the College.

The College was opened with 14 male students and 7 Education Officers (Teachers) including the Principal. The mandate was to train professional Teachers for the basic schools. The first batch of students graduated on 17th December, 1955 under the Principal-ship of E. H. Nicolson, a British Ex-serviceman. The congregation was witness by the then Governor of Gold Coast, Sir, Charles Arden Clark. He presented the leaving certificate and Cert. “B” certificates to the 1st graduates of the College.

Gbewaa College of Education has gone through different naming as it started as Pusiga Training College, then changed to Pusiga Government Training College, to Gbewaa Training College in 1975, (Named after Naa Gbewaa) and now Gbewaa College of Education as it has gone tertiary. It also remained unisex College until 1976 when it became mixed.

Gbewaa College of Education from its inception has run different programmes to match teacher qualification required by G. E. S. It started with Cert. ‘B’ 2- Year Post Middle from 1953 to 1960, Cert ‘A’ 4- Year Post Middle from 1960 to 1994, Cert ‘A’ 3- Year Post Secondary from 1994 to 2006 and now 3 – Year Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) which started from 2004. The College introduced French which begun earnestly (2013/2014) academic year.

Alongside the regular programmes, the College has run modular courses including the UTDBE for pupil teachers to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

The College has produced many professionals who have served or are serving as teachers, politicians, traditional leaders, academicians, sportsmen and women and many more in Ghana and beyond.


1E. H. Nicholson (British)JAN. 1ST 19541956
2Mr. Bending (British)19581960
3Mr. J.H. Beniah (1st Black Principal)19601970
4Mr.M.J. Anamann19701979
5Mr. C.V. Terviu19791983
6Mr. Jacob I.Y. Asigri19831987
7Mr. A.A. Abem19871988
8Mr. Kwaku Acquah Junior19881992
9Mr. J.B. Larry19921995
10Mr. Luke Abugri19952016
11Dr. David Asakiba Ayaaba2016DATE
Principals of GBCE Past to present