The department has been in existence since the   inception of the college in1953. The courses offered in the department during Cert A were sociology of education, psychology of Education, Trends and development of education.  Special Education, Guidance and counselling.

During 2004-2020 colleges awarded Diploma certificates and the following courses were offered: Child and Adolescent Development in Education, Theory and Practice of Teacher Education, Assessment in Basic Schools, Research Methods, Special Education, Trends and Development of Education in Ghana, Administration and Management, Guidance and Counselling in Schools.

With the Bachelor of Education programme which began in 2018 to date, the following courses are been offered, Child and Adolescent Development, Practice of Teacher Education in Ghana, Guidance and Counselling, Foundations of Education in Ghana, Inclusive  School Based Inquiry, Differentiated Planning and Multimedia Development,  Social, Cultural and Psychological Basis in Learning, Guidance and Counselling in Schools, Psychology of Middle Childhood Learning, Assessment in schools, and Action Research.

The department has well qualified staff who teach diligently to meet the goals of the department.